Dog Diaries

My name is Kerry and I have lived with my humans for as long as I know – I am about 5 and a half years old. I love my humans, especially the male human called Martin. He is always there, we take long walks to beach where I can paddle in the sea and chase the birds. The female human is called Barbara and she is the food lady. She is a little less generous with her time – but I know they both love me and I love them in the way a dog should – unconditionally and with all my being. It is my nature to protect and obey, and I do my best to do my job of taking care of them but even terriers get scared sometimes.


I have a simple life really – l like to eat (and they feed me well plus treats like bones and biscuits) ,  and sleep anywhere ( but I prefer places where there are no drafts or cold) and go for walks. Sometimes we play a bit and I chase sticks and my squeaky toys. But it be honest, these games get a bit boring after about 5 minutes. I must say that my favourite game is tug-of-war – it is a great game to play with my lead. I like to paddle in the water on the beach but I am not keen on swimming. I also talk a lot – only problem is my humans don’t seem to understand what I am saying. To get my message across I usually have to show them – stand by my food bowl to let them know I am hungry or thirsty, stand at the door when I need to go out for the toilet. Sometimes they don’t get it until I bark at them as well. 

I have a house and garden – which is great; the house is large and I have lots of places to sleep.  I love to run the fence and bark at the dogs on the other side. It is my job to protect our house and see off any potential intruders. So I tell other dogs that they have a fierce terrier to content with, if they dare come into my garden. Sometimes we go for a ride in the moving boxes (cars) and they go much faster and further than I can.   Other times we have taken the moving box and gone to water place where the sea-dogs live (seals) and got onto to floating box and moved across the water.  We float on the water at strange angles, it is hard to walk around and I have to wear a stupid coat to stop me drowning. When we are floating up right the machine engine is running. I don’t like the engine – it is  noisy and smelly so I stand at the front and watch for sea monsters and land. I get very excited when I see land because that means I can get off the floating box and run around on terra firma. 

Mostly I just like hanging out with my humans – Martin and Barbara. I am just happy being with them and want to be them all the time –but I have discovered that is not a simple as you might think cos humans move around at lot and not only in their moving boxes. 

A favourite part of my day was to curl up on my velvet cushion in Martins office – he would be sat behind a table and a picture box making click click click noises for much of the day – we would go for a walk and then repeat this in the afternoon. One day I found that my velvet cushion had been put into a big box. It took me some time to actually go into the box for a sleep. To my surprise the box was cosy – like a real dog house. I was happy to use the new dog house for a while,  Barbara and Martin were very busy packing things into other boxes , moving furniture and being generally very active – so much so that they sometimes forgot to take me for a walk.

Then one morning after a walk I was in my box and Martin put bars on the front so I could not get out. It was a little scary when the box was lifted and put into a moving box and we went off for a long  drive, on the ferry  then to a place they called the airport. Then I really got worried  as after a short walk I went back into the box and the box went through an X ray machine and suddenly I was whisked off (in the box) and did not see my humans for ages.  

We dogs live through our noses – when I was taken away in the box there was a strange but calming smell – felt like my mother was close by (the smell was dog appeasing phermone) so I settled down in my box. There was another smell – it was another dog – clearly I was not alone. That actually gave me a feeling of comfort too. There was a lot of loud engine noises and then they settled down into a quiet whrrrr  – so I went to sleep – nothing else to do.

As a dog I really don’t have much sense of time.  You know that because I greet you enthusiastically whether you have been away for an hour or a few days. However even I  felt I was in the box in the big machine for ages – cos my bladder was very full although I had not had much to drink. I woke up to clanking and banging as big doors opened and I could see daylight and smell a new place. After a short while my box was wheeled out and I got to see my humans. They talked and petted me but I had to say in the box for a little longer. Then wonder of all wonders I was let out the box on my lead, and taken by Barbara to a grassy area where I had the longest pee I could ever remember.  I had been in the box and traveling for almost twenty hours so I was relieved to see daylight and have a pee.  

After a long drink of water we got into another moving box (car) and drove the new place we were staying. I was a bit disoriented, as it was daylight when it should have been nighttime and I was hungry. I had a very nice meal – you know the usual raw beef and kibble – but it tasted great.   Everyone in this new place speaks funny – I have a hard time understanding English – just a few words really,  but this place had a completely different language . One thing I liked about this new place was that dogs were allowed in humans eating places – very nice. I felt like a special customer – they even brought me a bowl of water. 

I guess we are here for quite a while – I have not seen my garden for a long time. We have been moving around a bit . One day met some friends,  who drove with us to a big ship. I had to stay in the car for a whole night. We arrived in another country ( all countries smell different)  where humans spoke English. There were lots of other dogs on this trip – I could smell them all. In the English speaking country we met the old lady again. She is mother to Barbara.  She was very nice – after visiting her and spending time in her very nice garden, we moved onto a floating house. I did fall off the floating house once – it was a shock but Martin saved me from the water because I could not find anywhere to climb out.  I liked the floating house:  good weather for a while ,  great walks beside the river and I saw lots of huge  four legged creatures – called cows. When I say huge I mean it – bigger than any dog I ever seen.


One day I thought I would investigate these big creatures and to tell them, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from my humans. The six of them came running towards me very fast , which surprised as I did not think such big creatures could run as fast as me . I high tailed it out of there, up the hill and over the fence. My master was following me, and he was followed by the cows. Even my master was scared. We both jumped the fence – I got pretty muddy and had to have an outside bath in the rain. 

We left the floating house and stayed with the old lady for a while and then drove down to visit other people – some were very dog friendly, some less so. My master went away for a while and I went back to stay with the old lady and Barbara. I also had to visit the dog doctor – I know a dog doctor when I see one – but she did not do anything just gave Barbara a piece of paper which said I had Pet Passport – so I am now a legal dog in Europe! 

 We then went on another big ship. This was the worse night of my life. I had to stay in a cage in a room of cages. There was another dog in there – a really stupid one that barked all night – I hardly got a wink of sleep. It was worth it though because when we got off the ship (back in the country where the humans speak funny) my master was there. I was soooooo happy – I nearly wagged my tail off.



We are now living on a small ship and I have a comfy bed and good food and some walks. There are some different creatures here too – four legs , woolly fur , grass eating  about my size with  a very limited vocabulary. They only say baaaaaaaaaa   I get the impression that the boat is home – we will see. I am getting used to moving around a bit. My master is also trying to teach me another language he keeps saying ‘I  say eh vu’ – don’t what it means – so I sit down and listen.


2 comments on “Dog Diaries

  1. Make the most of your new adventures my furry friend. You’ll be back in your garden soon enough!

  2. Mais woof! Now je suis un tres intelligent chien – meme avec my own author to share mes pensees!

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