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Dog Diaries – Part Deux

Hello – Kerry dog here again.

I have been so far away from my garden for so long that I have really forgotten what it looks like. But life in this new place is very different. I now live on floating metal box with my humans Barbara and Martin. I actually quite like the floating box, especially when we are moving through the water and I am standing up at the front of the boat . Then I can feel the wind blowing in my face and my nose gets a good work out and a good clear out (which is really important if you are a dog).

As a dog I loose track of time and am a bit geographically challenged so I can’t always tell you where we are or where we have been.  I do know that we move through the water for a while and then stop for a few days; just enough time for me to get to know the neighbourhood and make my mark. There are lots of other dogs on the floating boxes, mainly small white and brown terriers who tend to yap rather than bark. They are not to be messed with, as I know other terriers can be as fierce as me.

I remember my humans talking about the ‘honden trim salon” a lot when we first started our journey. Although it was a foreign language I soon got the gist of what a “honden trim salon” is. Want to know why? Barbara decided I was too hot and took this small machine that cut my hair ( I must admit it was long and I got hot and it got very matted). She did try to bath me but it seems to make no difference to either the length of my hair or its mattedness. Every day for about four days she would spend an hour or so grooming me. I quite liked the attention but I did not like the whrrrrrrrrr of the machine , but I am a patient dog and Barbara was careful not to pull my hair too much. Not long after the home hair cut – the old ladies arrived – they stayed for a while as we moved along in the floating box. I like the old ladies (Barbara ‘s mother and her friend) because they make of fuss of me and like me to sit beside them.

After a while we came back to a familiar place (I know that because the smells were familiar). My humans (now four of  them ) we very excited because they had found a honden trim salon. So in a place called Dordrecht, yours truly had a major (and I mean MAJOR) haircut. I did feel better but we had to get on a big travelling box with doors (bus) to get to the place and back. I will not go into the details of the honden trim salon because if you are not a dog then you wouldn’t understand the level of indignity and sappiness of being washed, sheared, and blown dry. Anyway everyone on the boat seemed very pleased – I wasn’t so sure but what do I know I am just a dog. (Truth be told I did feel better , cleaner and cooler).

We had our visitors and started moving on the floating box – we went to another town where we stayed for a few days.  Then our visitors left – the two old ladies and the friend with happy smile. The place we stayed had very little park to walk or play in but enough grass for you know what!

We went to the cave of the hissing dragons (Barbara’s note: the sound of train brakes and the rumbling of the wheels at the railway station made Kerry very jumpy). Those things are really loud, and as a dog I have sensitive hearing so I pretty scared of these massive rumbling beasts. I was quite concerned because my master (Martin) climbed into one of these hissing dragons, along with lots of other humans. I was wondering if the dragon had eaten him and was quite worried.


When Barbara and I returned to floating box, we had a visit from two people and their dog that I remembered from my house across the sea  (Mary and Marc and dog Teddy) and it was interesting to have familiar smells around.

Barbara and I spent a few days on the floating box without my master. It was actually quite hot so we stayed in the shade and had walks along the waterway in the morning and evening. Except for one day when we went to the cave of the hissing dragons (railway station) and we actually climbed inside the hissing dragon and it started moving. I must admit I was quite scared at first, because I thought we had been eaten

Barbara didn’t seem too bothered, and I didn’t feel as if I had been eaten, so I lay down on the floor of the hissing dragon for ages and waited for it stop rumbling. The thing about the hissing dragons is finding the best place to lie down. As a dog I like to lie in a place that I can see everything that is going on. Inside the hissing dragon I am not allowed to sit on the chairs (I am not really allowed to do that at home, but sometimes when everyone is out I curl up on a nice chair out of the drafts – but shhhhh – don’t tell). Anyway I lie on the floor of the hissing dragon in a place where my back end is in between two chairs and I can see out. I have to be careful because people use this place as a corridor and they sometimes step over me.

When it stopped and we got out of the hissing dragon, we went to another moving box (bus) and ended up in this great big park. It was hot and I was thirsty all day and really not very interested. I must say that Barbara is quite good to me as she always takes my travel bowl and bottle of water so I can always get a drink.

In fact going to the big park  (the Floriade) was quite boring as there were lots of people and I could not go off my lead. I was really not happy to be there – Barbara was interested in all the buildings and the plants (there were lots of them). The only time it got interesting for me was when we went into a garden and saw another dog and human that looked just like Barbara and me. I told them both, by barking really loudly, what I thought of their audacity of going to the really big park and being in the same  garden as us. I barked and barked and went nose to nose with the dog but there was no dog that I could smell or feel with my nose, but I could still see it – very odd (Barbara’s note – Kerry saw herself with me in a big mirror  – it was very funny!) After the hot day in the big park we got back into the dragon and went back to the floating box.

We were pretty tired when we got back to our home but I was so happy that evening cos my Martin came back. I nearly wagged my tail off when I saw him. But the next day we went back to the cave of the hissing dragon (railway station) and Barbara got into the beast and went away. I was quite surprised as noone had told me she was not going to be there. (Barbara went to Croatia and Bosnia/Herzegovina).

We stayed put on the floating box and some more people came (4 friends of Martin). They liked the water a lot and kept jumping into it.  I like water but not to swim – just paddle as it keeps my feet cool. They stayed with Martin for a while and then they too disappeared into a hissing dragon and left.  At our next stop, Martin took me for a ride in a very weird contraption that was hooked onto the back of a two-wheeled metal thing (without an engine). He called it a bicycle and a trailer – and I was in the trailer. It was fun at first but not a comfortable as the moving box.  We went back and forth, Martin got very frustrated and complained about losing some keys.

After a few days Barbara came back I was soooooo happy to see her, that I nearly wagged my tail off again. We then set off in the floating box down the waterways. Some days were very wet and we were in a concrete box when the water poured in we floated upwards (lock). Barbara made me wear my orange coat (life jacket). I am not a coat kind of dog and can get quite embarrassed when my humans make me wear a coat to keep the rain off. (I can hardly look another dog in the face I feel such a sissy). But I feel the orange coat is OK and I have seen other dogs wearing the same thing.

The weather got better as we went along on our floating box. I like to be up on the front, watch for intruders and other dogs who want to come aboard. I like to breathe in the lovely air – but I told you that already. We spend quite a part of the day on the floating box going through the countryside and watching the many birds. Sometimes I meet the big white birds again – but I now know that they are smaller in the water so I bark at them when they are swimming.


We had more visitors recently – the old lady  (Barbara’s mother) came back and another friend (Norma). I like having visitors cos they make a fuss of me. We have had other visitors – bugs (I hate bugs they make me itchy and sore) so I had to have some nasty smelling stuff on the back of my neck. It seems to have worked as I don’t itch as much – but Barbara keeps saying the dreaded word ‘bath’  – so I know what is coming very soon!



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