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Dog Diaries – Part Three

Kerry dog here again – yes I am still writing and letting you about life my side of the leash. I heard about a famous dog in England, which had won some TV talent contest called the X Factor and appeared before the Queen of England in a command performance (Puss in Boots eat your heart out), had also written about the journey to fame and the rigorous training to get ready for the contest. I am not in training but I think I have been on an unusual journey – for a dog – so I think my diaries should also be read and I too will be famous (dog logic).

Since my last dog diary I left our home on the boat in the country where they speak another language and taken a trip in a new moving box – a white one. I may not be able to see colours but I know the difference from my master Martin’s black moving box and the new white moving box. – Different shape colour and smell, but with space for me amongst all of the stuff. We had some visitors on the home floating box – one of my favourites was Michael. We are old pals – Michael and me – I went to stay with him on his island (Quadra) and could run wild for a while,  a long time ago –  before we left home (and my  garden). It was great to see him again. We spent a whole day together on our new home floating box while Barbara and Martin went away for a day.  When they came back they  had the new white moving box.

We left our big floating home and took a long trip in the white box to a beach where I could run and run for a while (Zeebrugge), then we go on a really big boat and I had to stay in the car for ages and ages. I didn’t want to eat or drink as I suspected that there would be nowhere to walk and you-know-what.

Joy of joys when we got off the big boat we drove to the old lady’s house ( Barbara’s mother) and I was in a familiar garden. I was really nice to see Barbara’s mother again as she always makes a fuss of me. I now had a garden to play in, sniff around and bark at the dog next door and the people walking behind the hedge.

Blending with the carpet

One day Barbara and Martin took me in the moving box to this place they called ‘kennels’. It wasn’t far away, and there were lots of other dogs and cats around. I was a bit nervous but it was also a fun place. I spent the time exploring the place, and hanging out with the big dogs. Martin and Barbara came to pick me up and we went back to the old lady’s house. A few days after that they left – not a by-your-leave or anything.

With Barbara mum and aunty

I was left with Barbara’s mum – she is very nice to me and talks to me a lot. She is very old though and could not take me out for walks.  I didn’t mind because every morning (and I had to get up early) the people who own the next garden ( Brian and Pat) came to get me and we went for a long walk. In the afternoon I went for a walk with  Irene ( who helps Barbara’s mum) or her grandson. Best of all I had a garden with a fence so when I was out there I could tell other dogs that went walking by to stay away.  I liked the garden it was my territory.

I did have to go to the kennels for a couple of days – just to give my new guardian a day off. It was OK – lots of the other dogs to sniff at and play with. One day though Barbara’s mum didn’t come to pick me up. I was really upset – the humans in the kennels (or Butlins holiday camp as some dogs called it) were nice enough but I missed my humans and the nice warm house and my new garden. I was there for five nights – it seemed like a long time, although I did get my normal food and had a nice room (kennel) with heat and my own bed (that came with me). But I really missed the old lady and my humans but I did have other big dogs to play with.

One day Barbara’s mother (the old lady) and Irene came to pick me up and took me back the house and garden – it was soooooo good to see them that I nearly wagged my tail off.  Barbara’s mum said she really liked having around because I was good company and took care of her. But I wasn’t very well one night after I came home from the kennels and had an accident in the house, but the old lady was very understanding and did not scold me at all, although I was quite ashamed of myself. But we had a nice time together – she talked to me and I barked at the noises outside the door. I kept her safe and she fed me – fair enough I thought.

I still missed my humans but other people like Brian and Pat too me for a walk. After what seemed like weeks Barbara and Martin came home, I was so pleased to see them that I almost wagged my tail off.

They were happy to see me too although Barbara said I was bit smelly and need to go to another hondentrimsalon.  I thought I smelt just fine – quite lovely in fact but no-one takes notice of me cos I am a dog and have different smelling sensibilities.

They took me for a bath and hair cut (yuck) but the next day when the weather was great we went to the seaside – what a great day.

Day on the beach1day on the beach2

I have been in this country for quite a while but I haven’t been into a restaurant or pub since I have been here. There was one exception when we went to see Christmas lights in the village and went to a pub. I like being included when we go out, as I don’t like to be left at home, so I just hope that when my humans go off again in their moving box they remember to take me with them.




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