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Diaros de perros

Kerry dog here again – it is a long time since I put paw to paper so I thought I would let you know what I have been experiencing.  We are living in a place now – I know that because we have not been in the moving box (car) for ages and before that we were in the moving box all the time.

Kerry in the car

Since I last wrote to you we have spent a lot of time in the moving box – we left the old lady’s house (Barbara mum) and travelled around a lot – went to some really cool hills and dales in the country, then went to stay with Martin’s sister. I spent one terrible day with my beloved master in a really really really big city (London) when Barbara was away, and even when she came back to day was just as terrible.

We went down into the dragon’ s lair – we must have gone a long way down because Martin had to pick me up and carry me on the moving staircase – going down down into the noisy lair. A dragon came and we got into it – I know these train- dragons will not eat us but they are very noisy and full of humans. I was really scared – shaking in fact. Martin said I was shaking in the same way I shake when I have to have a bath. That is true cos I could always drown or follow the water down the drain when I have a bath – up until now I haven’t.

Anyway we were in the dragon train and then went back to the surface. Barbara and Martin were looking up at the lights on the street (Oxford St) – at my height all I was looking at was lots of human legs – there were no dogs anywhere.  I didn’t like going in the dragon trains I much prefer our moving box.

Humans have some really weird ways of traveling around – the moving white box (car) is quite easy for me as I have my bed there and am usually in the back of the box able to see out. Did I tell you about my bed? It is great – very comfy and smells of me and came to me a long time ago from a shop called Bosleys (I know because it is a shop that lets dogs in!).  If my bed is there then I know where I am supposed to sleep. We drove into a big moving box  (ferry) that went across the water and travelled for a day or so until we came to a familiar place Dordrecht  – a place I know (because it smelled familiar) with a dog I know  – Diesel. We were in the place where there was a hondentrim salon. After a day or so of visiting with Diesel, a hefty golden lab who was fun to play with but terrible to sleep with (as he snored), we went back to our floating box – home from home for me.

Kerry and Martin in Brugges

We did not stay for very long as really cold on our floating box and went to see my friends Brigitte and Peter. My bed was taken into the house, which meant this was home for a little while. To my surprise the old ladies came to the house – I nearly wagged my tail off when they walked in the door. It was wonderful to stay with Brigitte and Peter as they lived in a place with lots of really great walks, lots of grass a long river bank and even a dog exercise area. Across the river there was a dogs home/kennel/resort  – we walked by a few times and I did feel sorry for my canine colleagues living in a big kennel (I know I have stayed in one for a week ). At Brigittes I was living well being  treated to all kinds of bones and meat treats  as well as  lovely long walks with Martin and Barbara during the time we were there. There was even a baby there – I like babies so long as they don’t take my food or pull on my ears too much (I have a poorly ear).

A couple of things bothered me; I had to stay a Brigitte’s at night while Martin and Barbara and the old ladies went to another place. Being a dog I really wanted to know what I was missing in other place. Secondly I did not like the fireworks that happened one night when there was a party (New Years Eve). Humans sometimes don’t get it – dogs hate loud noises especially fireworks, just find us somewhere to hide and not hear anything before you play with fire.

What about me?

After we left Brigitte and Peter’s house we spent many days in the car – stopping in the late afternoon to find a place to stay – then we all ate our meals and went to sleep. We went to one place where we sat in a big ball and it took us up into the sky (Les Bulles) when we actually arrived on the top of a mountain – going up was strange but coming down I could not even look where we were going. See what I mean – really weird ways of getting to places – personally I like to use my four legs.

There was a distinct shortage of grass in the places we visited in fact we had to walk quite a way to find a place to you-know-what. There was one place (Arles) we walked around that had a theatre – so I thought I would be an actor for a minute or two.

Kerry in amphitheatre Arles

We travelled for several days before we arrived in a really big city (Barcelona) – lots of loud noises, cars and motor cycles. It was here I experience another weird form of transportation. We were staying in this place and went into a box (elevator) to get to the room.  Once I got into the moving box with Barbara and we went up but I could see Martin going down below us. Then I understood the up and down box has glass doors so I could see Martin going down as we went up. That was really weird – almost as crazy as the moving stair cases (escalators).

There was a distinct change when we reached the big city. I had to stay home a lot more when Barbara and Martin went out. We were in a new country called Spain and it seemed a lot less dog-friendly than the previous country – France. In fact I noticed lots of signs on doors what were pictures of dogs with a line through the middle it made me feel unwelcome. We travelled for a day or so through Spain then we arrived at the place we are now. I haven’t been in the white moving box for a long time.

Kerry on the deck Granada

We now live on a hill and there are lots of feral dogs and millions (4) of wild cats around that bark and meow at night – making a hell of a racket for dogs like me wanting to sleep.  I sometimes bark back – but I don’t think they can hear me. Our house is quite cold but I can snooze for ages in my bed which is very close to the woodstove.  We have been here for a while, we go out for long walks as there is a hill just behind the house, it has a trail with lots of cacti that we climb up. If the weather is sunny we sit  up on the top deck  and look at the view across the valley. Sorry to say the weather hasn’t been very good for quite a few days now – but if snoozing in front of the woodstove is what a dog has to do to get through winter, then that’s what a dog has to do!

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  1. Kerry just turned 6 years old, we don’t celebrate dog birthdays (too silly) but it does remind us how long we have been dog owners – time flies when you have a dog to keep you strong and heart healthy


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