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Journal de chien IV

Kerry dog here again – it has been a while and we are now back on our floating box – it is a place I know and Barbara and Martin seem to be happy to be here. They  don’t wag tails like us dogs but they do show their teeth a lot – not in an angry way but in a happy way. We seem to have been traveling forever – but we stayed for a while in the country called Spain (where they don’t seem to let dogs go in as many places as France). We stayed the winter in two places – first in one with white houses and lots of unruly feral dogs (and cats). I quite liked the place and felt at home in the evenings in front of the warm stove.

Hot dog

I also like walks in the hills behind the house although there were some big mean-looking dogs in the area. Martin and I would walk up to the top of the hill avoiding the equally nasty looking cacti on either side of the path. One day we woke up to find snow (I love snow) outside so Martin and I went out to play. I had a great time rolling in the cold stuff and running up and back and catching snowballs.

snowdog 2

 The next day however we left the white houses and the streets with no moving boxes (the Albaycin in Granada) and drove down to a new place beside the beach ( I love the beach). In the town (La Cala de Mijas Costa) on the coast we lived in a place just a short walk from the water so Barbara and I went there every morning. Nice.

 Beach dog

One day Martin and Barbara went away and left me with a nice lady they called Jacqui. I had been to Jacqui’s house before and knew her quite well – she has a big marmalade cat, who was no bother, except we seemed to always meet at the door going into the back yard. Jacqui looked after me and took me for some great walks – some were even without my leash.  I stayed with her for a few days until Martin and Barbara came back from yet another country (Morocco). We did not have very good weather when we lived by the sea – some days going out for a walk was a real chore for everyone because it was raining (dare I say this ……) cats and dogs (only kidding).

One day we packed up our moving box with me on the top and set off again. We drove through the rain to a small city (Cordoba)– which my humans thought was very beautiful. Being a dog I don’t much understand human ideas of beauty but it was OK – not much grass to – well – you know what – on !

Tourist dog

We traveled to another city where we stayed in a place at the top of lots and lots of stairs. It had a big balcony and I could fit through the spaces between the bricks – looking down made me (and Barbara) quite nervous.(Toledo).

Toledo dog

We drove for another day (I don’t mind being in our moving box – sitting up high I can see everything, but usually I just go to sleep. After a long drive we ended up in another place (Bilbao) with big buildings and a very nice (dog friendly) hotel. We walked around this town and I saw a dog made out of flowers. I wasn’t fooled; I knew it was a bunch of flowers made up to look like a dog – it was big though. There was also a very large spider near the big building we came to see (the Bilbao Guggenheim)  – but I just ignored her and she ignored me (This is not a ‘Charlotte’s Web’ story).


The next part of the journey was a bit scary – we took another ferry. I know when the moving box drives onto a really really big floating box that we are going to sea. This time was different though – there were lots of dogs on this trip and we all had to wear masks (muzzles) on our faces when we were outside. On the outside deck there were signs for dogs only – which was an area where dogs could go and – well – you know. There were some really big dogs – some wanted to play but I was not in a play mood cos the floating box was moving quite quickly and I found the floor was slippery – hard to find a stable footing.

This time, however, I was allowed to stay with Barbara and Martin in their cabin (as we were on the floating ferry box for over a day) which was really nice. I tried hiding under their bunk for a while because there were times I felt a bit seasick. It took me ages to go – well – you know- on the funny dog deck but it was nice to be with my humans. I always sleep in my own bed but every morning I am allowed to climb onto their bed and curl up and listen to them have tea and chat – it is just for a short while but the nicest time of the day when we are all together. I understand not all the dogs on board were as lucky as me and some of them had to sleep in the horrible noisy dog cages.

Ferry dog

When we got back on land we visited Martin’s sister, then took a long drive in our moving box to see the old lady (Barbara’s mum). It was so nice to see her – she and I get on very well, she has a garden where I can – well – you know – and there are other dogs in the neighbourhood to bark at. My bed was at the top of the stairs so at night we are all in our own beds but close to each other. We stayed for quite a while and I got a hair cut (as did my master) so now we were both shorn and clean!

before shearing







after shearing

One day we drove to another really big floating box but this time I had to go into the dog cages for the night – which was yuk. There were no other dogs there but it was dark and clanky and a very long night. I could not – well – you know – so I didn’t eat or drink. I always feel a bit queazy when I am on a really big ferry. The next morning we got off and went for a run on the biggest beach (Zeebrugge)I have ever seen. The reward for a night in the cells was a free run……

After the burst of freedom it was back to the moving box for a long trip. We stopped a few times to – well – you know what – in the road side parks – some of them had special places for dogs.  We drove back to a very familiar place – our floating box in France. I was quite happy to be home after so many adventures. There were lots of dogs around here and nice walking spots by the canal.

There are two swans (big white aggressive hissing birds) around there. One sits on a pile of twigs and straw on the other side of the bank. Barbara says she is sitting on eggs waiting patiently, in all kinds of weather, for them to hatch – funny way to have puppies. Once hatched, they are really ugly baby birds who live with their parents all summer and grow up into lovely swans. They learn to swim, paddle, walk, fish, communicate by wagging their tails (a bit dog like) and use their wings like sails to propel them along. The other day some children came near the nest and the male bird got very upset.  He also floats around the boats pecking and hissing at the fronts of the floating boxes. Martin says the swan can see himself and is attacking his reflected image. Some animals can be quite stupid – but come to think of it, I have done this myself. Mirrors are such a mystery to us animals

We have been here for a while getting ready to go off somewhere else in the floating box. I am happy to be back here and like to stand at the front of the boat watching the water and keep any monsters at bay – so far so good – no monsters.


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